Chartered Surveyors in Hastings

Robinson Elliott are expert surveyors in Hastings and East Sussex; our specialism is homes by the sea. Our team has specialist knowledge on how coastal conditions can impact the fabric of buildings.

Nestled between the stunning East and West Hills looking over the English Channel, Hastings, East Sussex, is where the famous Battle of Hastings in 1066 took place. Interestingly, the actual site of the Battle of Hastings is 15 minutes away, at Battle Abbey, but Hasting’s history goes back further than 1066, with the city wall built in the late 1300s.

Hastings was a prosperous Victorian seaside town, and its classic Old Town still attracts visitors to the scenic narrow passageways (also known as twittens) and attractive high street full of independent & antique shops, cosy pubs, and cafes.

Hastings is known for its great sense of community, fantastic arts and live music scene, lovely places to eat out, historic buildings and architecture and a country park on your doorstep. Plus, did you know that Hastings still has a working fishing port? Hastings’ relaxed seaside town feel, and proximity to London makes it the ideal destination for those looking to live somewhere more relaxed and picturesque, whilst still being able to commute to the capital. So, if you’re looking for a seaside retreat without the price tag of Hasting’s neighbours: Brighton & Hove and Eastbourne, Hastings should be on your radar.

The current layout of the town dates to the Georgian era, with many Georgian houses making up the housing stock in Hastings. In addition, you have a good choice of apartments, both purpose-built and conversions. Larger homes suitable for families can be found in the Old Town, St Leonards, and Bexhill. As you would expect in a sunny seaside town, there’s also a good range of guesthouses on the local property market.

Home Buyer Reports and Building Surveys in Hastings

When you buy any property, you will need either a Home Buyer Report or a more in-depth Building Survey Report. Here at Robinson Elliott, our team of Chartered Surveyors in Hastings complete both types of reports to the highest professional standards. Offering purchasers to buy their home with confidence and total peace of mind.

Our professional team has extensive knowledge of the Hastings area, so we know the types of challenges that can arise in buildings in the area. You’re never too far from the sea in Hastings, and the impact of coastal conditions on a property shouldn’t be ignored. So, if you’re thinking of buying in Hastings, you will need a professional firm which knows the area as well as we do.

What kind of property survey will I need?

The type of survey you’ll need will depend on the type of property you’re buying. For example, if you were purchasing a newer 3-bed family home, a purpose-built apartment or a 1960s bungalow, a Home Buyers Survey in Hastings would probably be sufficient.

However, if you’re considering buying a larger property, such as one of Hasting’s 4/5-bed Georgian houses, a converted building such as a barn or farmhouse, or something unique in the surrounding villages of Hastings, then we would recommend a complete Building Survey. Alternatively, if you’re buying something that is high value or needs significant renovations, we would also recommend a full survey conducted by our expert Building Surveyors in Hastings.

An additional option is a Building Defects Report which will provide you with a complete diagnostic survey and appraisal of defects in the property, such as the roofing, timbers, fabric of the building and structural movements. We would also provide you with recommendations on any works needed and estimates on pricing.

Regardless of the type of survey you’ll need, our expert team of Chartered Surveyors can guide you on the best type of survey for your property.

House Surveyors in Hastings

As Brighton and Eastbourne increase in price, Hastings continues to offer an affordable alternative. Hastings has something for everyone, with its housing stock ranging from flats, studio apartments to unique and stylish villas spread across several floors, overlooking the sea.

The Old Town is a popular destination for buyers looking for a period property with character or quirky features, and it’s just a fifteen-minute walk from the new town. If you’re creative or interested in living somewhere with an arty atmosphere, the Old Town could be for you with its bohemian feel as it’s home to many artists and designers.

If you prefer a more modern or new build property, there are plenty of new build developments in the town centre. However, if you’re looking for a more traditional Regency style, St Leonards, which is just outside of Hastings, could be for you with a range of iconic flats and houses, many with sea views. And of course, just like other East Sussex seaside towns, Hastings has an outstanding stock of retirement bungalows within easy access to amenities.

Is there a risk of coastal erosion in East Sussex?

Unfortunately, yes, a recent study by Dr Dylan Rood, Dept. of Earth Science and Engineering, Imperial College London, has revealed that the erosion rate of the East Sussex coast has accelerated to between 22 and 32cm’s annually. It’s thought that rising sea levels and increasingly severe storms are to blame. In particular, the coastal areas of Hastings in-between White Rock and Rock-a-Nore Road are especially vulnerable to flooding from the English Channel. Saltwater flooding is a serious matter, with potential damage to concrete, brickwork and electrical systems and leading to possible metal corrosion.

Here at Robinson Elliott, before our team of surveyors in Hastings undertake an inspection and carry out your Home Buyer Report or Building Survey, we will conduct a desktop investigation of any issues that could impact the property. For example, we will review local planning matters such as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, HM Government’s flood map, Public Health England’s radon map as well as the British Geological Survey’s data on bedrock and superficial ground conditions.


Building Surveys for Insurance

Having an accurate valuation of your property is not only important when you come to sell, it is also vital for ensuring that your insurance is accurate. Unless your insurance company has an accurate property valuation, you may find yourself in a precarious financial position should you need to make a claim.


You can find out more about preventing underinsurance with this handy guide: The Dangers of Property Underinsurance (and how to avoid it)

You may also be interested in the importance of accurate valuations for insurance purposes in this Guide to Building Insurance Reinstatement Cost Assessments.


Why Choose Robinson Elliott Chartered Surveyors?

As a leading Chartered Surveyor in Hastings, Peter Robinson and his team have many years’ experience as East Sussex surveyors. Fully qualified, RICS-registered, and with an established reputation as leading Chartered Surveyors in Sussex and beyond, we go above and beyond for all our clients.

If you would like to find out more about the full suite of services we provide, please do get in touch. We are always here to offer advice and assistance, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.