Chartered Surveyors in Crawley

Crawley is a rapidly growing town, with a strong economic presence and wide range of new and existing property. With easy links to London and Brighton, surrounded by beautiful Sussex countryside, and a lively, well-served town centre, it’s little surprise that property in Crawley is in increasingly high demand.

If you are considering joining the Crawley community by purchasing property in the area, it is important to ensure the property you’re investing in is up to scratch. Whether you need a simple Home Buyers Report or a full Building Survey, engaging the services of Robinson Elliott Chartered Surveyors in West Sussex will help you land the home of your dreams.

Robinson Elliott Chartered Surveyors in Crawley has extensive experience in the Crawley property market. With detailed and in-depth understanding of specific property details across the full scope of residences in the area, our Sussex building surveyors are well-equipped to deliver the best possible service.


Home Buyer Reports and Building Surveys in Crawley

We perform building surveys in Sussex, Surrey and areas of Kent for a variety of residential property types. Whilst a Home Buyer Report is often the most appropriate choice for new or recently-built properties, for larger or older properties in Sussex, building surveyors may be required to perform full structural surveys.

A Building Survey report, the result of a structural survey, is a more comprehensive document than the Home Buyer Report. When dealing with an old or extensive property, there are often hidden flaws which need to be addressed. Any such issues can affect the value of the property and thus form an important factor in negotiating a purchase.


What kind of property survey do I need?

Whether you require a Home Buyers Report or Building Survey for Crawley property depends on the sort of property you are buying. As mentioned previously, for newer properties a Home Buyers Report is usually sufficient, though this is not always the case. When investing in noticeably run-down property or a period home, or even simply a more established property, a Building Survey is the more prudent option.

There is a happy medium between the two. A Building Defects Report is more comprehensive than a Home Buyers Report, but without the deep nitty-gritty of a Building Survey. A Building Defects Report details specific issues in a property, along with a full diagnostic survey and defect appraisal. It will also offer recommendations for repair.

Whether you require a Home Buyers Report, Building Defects Report or a full Building Survey, get in touch with our Chartered Surveyors in Crawley to find out more.


What does a Chartered Surveyor do?

As building surveyors in Crawley, our job will involve spending time examining the interior and exterior of your property. For a full structural survey, we will look at roof and loft space, cellars, party walls and boundaries as well.

The building survey report issued following the survey will include an expert commentary, detailing all relevant aspects of the building and its grounds. We will highlight any key areas for attention, such as subsidence, dilapidation, infestation or rot, suggesting how these issues may be repaired and maintained.

As experienced Chartered Surveyors in West Sussex, with thorough knowledge of the local property market, we are able to provide detailed insight gained through our many years of working in the area. We know the best third party contractors to work with for certain projects, suggesting the best people for the job, whatever it may be. 


A Crawley Property Survey Case Study

A new build house in Crawley had a retaining wall in the garden which was overlooked during the mortgage valuation carried out on behalf of the lending company. The wall was at risk of falling on the garden. Our Home Buyer Report highlighted the problem and it was repaired before the house was bought.

By commissioning a Home Buyer Report from Robinson Elliott Chartered Surveyors, these buyers were able to save time and money by having the problem wall fixed before completing their purchase. Had this report not been conducted, they would have been liable for the cost of repair when the wall finally gave in.



Crawley Building Surveys for Property Sellers

When selling your property, it is not always prudent to rely on a valuation by an estate agent alone. A Chartered Surveyor will take a much more in-depth look at your property, identifying any areas which may be flagged by a potential buyer. Fixing these in advance of marketing the property will help improve your chances of a quick sale and at the right price.

Building Surveys for Insurance

Having an accurate valuation of your property is not only important when you come to sell, it is also vital for ensuring that your insurance is accurate. Unless your insurance company has an accurate property valuation, you may find yourself in a precarious financial position should you need to make a claim.


You can find out more about preventing underinsurance with this handy guide: The Dangers of Property Underinsurance (and how to avoid it)

You may also be interested in the importance of accurate valuations for insurance purposes in this Guide to Building Insurance Reinstatement Cost Assessments.


Why Choose Robinson Elliott Chartered Surveyors?

As a leading Chartered Surveyor in Crawley, Peter Robinson and his team have many years’ experience as West Sussex surveyors. Fully qualified, RICS-registered, and with an established reputation as leading Chartered Surveyors in Sussex and beyond, we go above and beyond for all our clients.

If you would like to find out more about the full suite of services we provide, please do get in touch. We are always here to offer advice and assistance, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.