Building Surveyors and Home Buyer Reports in Crawley

Have you set your heart on a property in Crawley or nearby Horley or Redhill? If the answer is yes to that question, then don’t hesitate – contact Robinson Elliott today to arrange a Building Survey or Home Buyer Report.

A survey from local experts Robinson Elliott could save you thousands

It’s a temptation to cut corners when you’re buying a home because there’s so much money to be found at one time. Whatever you do, don’t skimp on the survey! You can make a start by speaking to an experienced chartered surveyor, like Peter Robinson, who knows the Crawley area well. We could save you thousands of pounds by discovering underlying faults before you make your decision to purchase.

Speak to a surveyor who is an expert in the Crawley area

Crawley is a large ‘new town,’ designated as such in 1947. It’s made up of thirteen neighbourhoods built around the original old market town. Its proximity to motorways and to Gatwick Airport make it a popular centre for those wishing to travel for business or leisure.

There is a vast array of property types in the Crawley area ranging from a mansion on Goff’s Park Road to a family home or a one bedroom flat in Crawley itself, nearby Horley, Redhill and Horsham. Whatever type of residential property you’re considering, you need an experienced building surveyor like Peter Robinson to be on hand to help you.

Building Survey or Home Buyer Report – what’s best for you?

Whichever property you have your eye on in and around Crawley, Robinson Elliott has a professional chartered surveyor who can help you decide which survey is most appropriate.

Our Home Buyer Report  is perfect for most residential properties built in Victorian times and later in the Crawley area – a mid-price range solution offering both a survey and the option of a valuation. Our property surveyor will be able to advise you immediately if there is anything which needs attention, or will do soon. This ensures that you can make your decision about a purchase armed with detailed information about the state of the property.

A Building Survey goes to the next level of detail, with far more in-depth analysis. We strongly recommend a full building survey for flats and houses needing a significant amount of work, especially larger, older or unusual properties. You’ll have a full view of visible defects as well as potentially costly issues that are hidden from view. Given the size of the financial commitment you make when you buy a property, it’s only sensible to know its condition, and to have a clear view of issues you will need to deal with in the future.

Why choose Robinson Elliott?

With Peter Robinson you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with receiving an outstandingly professional yet personal Chartered Surveyor service. You will be fully informed about the property you plan to buy, and you will be able to approach your property transaction in complete confidence.

He has the experience and expert knowledge to find potential problems and existing defects that many buyers don’t even consider – dry rot, woodworm, rising damp, unsafe wiring and subsidence, just to name a few.

If anything’s amiss with the property, a survey puts you in a powerful negotiating position and can make sure you’re not out of pocket.

You will:

  • Have the evidence you need to re-negotiate the price
  • Be able to walk away if you’re really not happy
  • Know about likely future expenses should you decide to proceed.

Above all, whatever you decide to do, with a survey from Peter Robinson, your decision will be an informed one. 

Here’s one example of how our surveyor services in Crawley have helped clients:

A new build house in Crawley had a retaining wall in the garden which was overlooked during the mortgage valuation carried out on behalf of the lending company. The wall was at risk of falling on the garden. Our Home Buyer Report highlighted the problem and it was repaired before the house was bought.