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The city of Brighton & Hove, on the south coast of England, is a lively, laid-back and liberal place to live. With easy access to London and the UK at large, Brighton is popular with commuters, young professionals and families.

By the end of 2023, Brighton and Hove is expected to become the UK’s fourth fastest growing economy. It is a lively, laid-back, and liberal place to live, with plenty of opportunities for business and personal growth. With easy access to London and the UK at large, the city is popular with commuters, young professionals and families, all of which our team of Brighton Surveyors have experience working with.

At Robinson Elliott, we our team of expert Brighton Surveyors are experienced at performing Building Surveys and HomeBuyer Reports across Brighton and Hove, and the South East of England. We will work with you to ascertain the best property survey for your property. A thorough inspection will then take place, with a subsequent report tailored to your needs.

Whether you have requested a HomeBuyer Report or a Building Survey, we ensure that you get all the information you need in order to make the right decision on your property in Brighton. It is worth noting that HomeBuyer Reports and Building Surveys are different, so it is important to know which kind of survey you need. We will be able to advise you on the best method to proceed.

Property surveys in Brighton: which one do I need?

The type of property survey you require depends on the property you are purchasing. A HomeBuyer Report is usually sufficient for newer properties in a good state of repair, whereas you will likely require a full Building Survey for older properties that are:

  • of a higher value;
  • larger; and/or,
  • rundown.

A Building Defects Report is another option, which balances the features of a HomeBuyer Report with the depth of Building Survey. Typically, a Building Defects Report will focus on specific, pre-identified issues within a property. This services includes a full diagnostic survey and defect appraisal, while the Report itself will additionally offer recommendations for how defects should be repaired.

Our team of RICS-registered Chartered Surveyors in Brighton are experienced and qualified at performing all the above services, along with the provision of advice and guidance for whatever you may need.

What do Brighton Chartered Surveyors do?

A qualified Chartered Surveyor is highly trained to examine properties in detail, both inside and out. In the case of a full structural survey, this will also include examination of the external roof, property boundaries and party walls.

What happens during a survey?

A full inspection of the property will take place, according to the requirements of the survey requested, and the report will subsequently be issued. For Building Surveys, this includes an expert commentary that goes into detail about all relevant aspects of the property and its grounds. This will flag any areas of concern, such as:

  • dilapidation issues;
  • infestation and rot; and,
  • suggestions for repair and future maintenance.

Our years of experience as Chartered Surveyors in Brighton’s complex property market afford us the expertise and knowledge to understand specific issues often found in Brighton properties. We also know the best local contractors to undertake any remedial work, so you can be sure of the highest quality workmanship every step of the way.

It is always best to consult an expert. Our team of Brighton Surveyors know the intricacies of properties throughout the city, saving you potential time and money in the future.

Brighton Building Surveys for Property Sellers

Property valuations in Brighton tend to fetch high sale prices – and for good reason. It is an ideal location by the sea with plenty of countryside inland to visit. Therefore, it is vital that you sell for the best possible price, and do not just go with the first figure.

We would strongly recommend not relying on an estate agent valuation, as they are not equipped to provide a truly accurate valuation, which can cause problems. This is where the expertise of our qualified surveyors in Brighton come in.

With a Building Survey from Robinson Elliott Chartered Surveyors, the property will be examined in much greater depth than it would have been by an estate agent. Any areas which may be flagged by a potential buyer are identified, allowing you to make repairs before marketing the property. This is key to ensuring you sell your property fast and for its full value.

Building Surveys for Insurance Purposes

Not only is it important to have an accurate valuation ahead of a sale, it is also crucial to ensure that your property is accurately valued for insurance purposes. Underinsurance can pose a serious financial threat to homeowners. In the event of a claim, an inaccurate valuation could leave a shortfall in any insurance payout, leaving you liable for the difference.

Our team of Brighton Surveyors can advise on assessments for insurance, including avoiding property underinsurance and building insurance reinstatement costs.

Why Choose Robinson Elliott Chartered Surveyors in Brighton?

As a leading firm of Brighton Chartered Surveyors, Robinson Elliott is trusted time and again to perform a range of surveyance services in Brighton and beyond. Our team of RICS-registered, qualified Chartered Surveyors in Brighton have an established reputation for excellence across all our services.

If you would like to find out more about our range of services, please do get in touch. We are always here to offer advice and assistance, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Contact our team of expert surveyors in Brighton to get started.