This report will determine how much your property would cost to rebuild from scratch, avoiding the risk of being underinsured or paying too much.

Helping Avoid Property Under-Insurance

Many people insure their homes for the market value, or rely on a mortgage valuation, but this could be a costly mistake in the event of a claim. Statistics show that inaccurate insurance is a common problem, with around 30% of private properties being underinsured.[1]

Of course, insuring for a lower sum leads to lower premiums, so this could be a temptation, but the consequence, in the case of a disastrous incident where your home is destroyed, doesn’t bear thinking about.

Has the Value of Your Home Changed?

It’s important to consider, too, that the value of your home may have changed over time. Perhaps you’ve built an extension or carried out an expensive refurbishment?  It’s quite possible, then, that your insurance is too low, and you could benefit from a reinstatement cost assessment. Each valuation needs to be index-linked with inflation, and other factors must be taken into account, such as the improvements you’ve made, fluctuations in market value and building costs, including the rising costs of materials.

[1] From, AXA, and Daily Telegraph


Vital Insurance Information from Thorough Building Surveys

To make sure you’re neither under insured, nor paying over the odds for your building insurance, we carry out an inspection of your property to determine rebuilding costs in the event of a disaster. We spend time measuring the dimensions and assessing the type of construction, gathering information on any other factors which might have an impact on the rebuild cost.

This is vital information for your home insurance provider and will allow them to make an accurate assessment of your premium. It’s vital for your peace of mind and financial security too, for you and your family, eliminating the risk of getting into difficulties if your claim won’t cover the cost of replacing your property—a devastating prospect, which a cost assessment from Robinson Elliott could remove in a matter of hours.


  • Thank you again for your very thorough and helpful report. it will become the backbone of our efforts to maintain the house in the coming months and years, hopefully, if all goes well.

  • Just to let you know we have completed on Sheridan Place and are moving in at the weekend. Your survey is proving very useful as we commence the repairs and improvements etc. Thanks again for a job well done.

  • Thank you. It was nice to meet you and have a chat. I like the fact that you give clients verbal feedback following your survey, a nice personal touch and very useful.