East Sussex is a county of rolling hills, ancient woodlands and an exceptionally attractive coastline. Alongside the rural charm are thriving towns which are employment hubs in their own right, as well as being well served with commuter links to London. The wide choices of schools, shopping, job opportunities and entertainment venues make the county one of the most sought after parts of the south-east. 

In the seaside towns of Brighton, Hastings and Eastbourne you’ll find a rich diversity of modern apartments, Regency and Victorian terraces and 20th century family homes. There are still fishermen’s cottages too, as well as newly built homes of all shapes and sizes. 

While the ancient towns of Lewes and Rye aren’t particularly large, they still offer a range of homes for all with a taste for living surrounded by history. The small market towns of Crowborough and Uckfield blend the old and the new, with choices for a range of budgets. It’s also easy to be drawn to the picturesque villages and rural spots throughout East Sussex, nestling around Ashdown Forest, the Sussex Weald and the South Downs. 

Robinson Elliott are well respected East Sussex chartered surveyors, based in the heart of the county in the ancient market town of East Grinstead. We’re perfectly located to carry out Building Surveys or Home Buyer Reports in East Sussex as well as being in easy reach of West Sussex, Kent, Surrey and London. 

We pride ourselves on detailed knowledge of the county and of its diverse housing stock. Whether you’re considering a contemporary apartment overlooking a marina, a timber-framed woodland cottage or a practical family home, we are able to provide expert building surveys and home buyer reports. 

Home Buyer Reports and Building Surveys in East Sussex

Robinson Elliott Chartered Surveyors in East Sussex are on hand to help residential clients through a complete range of services. Clients come to us for our expertise in:

What kind of property survey do I need?

Unsurprisingly, different types of property survey are intended for different types of property. There is no hard and fast rule but our general guidance is as follows.

Home Buyer Reports work well most for new or recently built properties. Our Home Buyer Reports cover all key elements of a building, and leave you well informed about the condition of the property. 

As professional East Sussex chartered surveyors, we recommend a full structural building survey for larger homes. They are particularly recommended for older properties (pre-1800) and homes which have been significantly altered. The greater detail in a Building Survey Report includes an inspection of all visible parts of the building including walls, roofs, chimneys, floors, windows and doors as well as cellars, garages, outbuildings and grounds. 

With such detailed information you can identify any work that needs to be carried out. You are then in a position to negotiate a price which takes account of the costs of putting your home in order.

A third option is a Building Defects Report which will look in detail at specific issues in the property. The Report will include a full diagnostic survey and an appraisal of the defect which is being examined. You will also have detailed recommendations for repair.

Whether you need a straightforward Home Buyer Report, a detailed Building Defect Report or a comprehensive Building Survey, our team of Chartered Surveyors in East Sussex are on hand to help.

What do your East Sussex Chartered Surveyors do?

When our Chartered Surveyors undertake a survey, they will look closely at both the inside and outside of the property. If you have a full structural Building Survey, our surveyors will assess the condition of the loft space, exterior roof, cellars, party walls and the property boundaries.

We will then produce a Building Survey Report with an expert commentary which goes into all the relevant details of the property and its grounds. The report will bring issues such as subsidence, infestation, dilapidation and rot to your attention, with suggestions for repair and future maintenance.

Our long-standing experience of the East Sussex property market has given the Robinson Elliott team an in-depth knowledge of the different types of property in the county and a deep understanding of common issues. For example, we have a detailed knowledge of how buildings can be affected by their proximity to the sea and exposure to salty air and high winds.     

As established Chartered Surveyors in East Sussex, we can recommend trusted, reliable contractors in the area for any remedial works that need to be carried out as a result of the findings of our surveys.

East Sussex Building Surveys for Property Sellers

The first valuation you are likely to get for a property you are selling is from an estate agent. As professional RICS-qualified surveyors, we believe that we are able to give you a more accurate valuation. We will take into account many more details than estate agents are equipped to do.

Our East Sussex Chartered Surveyors will look in detail at your property to identify any issues which may be raised by potential buyers. We will also provide you with suggestions for remedies to help you sell your home for the optimum price.

Building Surveys for Insurance Purposes

For home insurance, an accurate property valuation is essential. If you the property value stated in your policy is less than it should be, you are underinsured. In the event of an insurance claim, you could be left with a payout that falls significantly short of what it should be. In some cases such a shortfall can lead to deep financial difficulties.

For a clear view of the issues surrounding underinsurance and the need for accurate valuations, we’ve put together this guide to property underinsurance

We also recommend that you find out about  Building Insurance Reinstatement Costs which looks at the cost of rebuilding a property.

Why Choose Robinson Elliott Chartered Surveyors in East Sussex?

Our RICS-registered, highly qualified Chartered Surveyors have extensive experience performing a comprehensive range of services in East Sussex. With an established reputation as trusted surveyors in East Sussex, you can rest assured of exceptional service and advice you can rely on.

If you would like to find out more about our range of services, please do get in touch. We are always here to offer advice and assistance, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


View our property survey services below to find out more. You can also visit our property advice page to find out more information such as how much surveys can cost, the difference between a HomeBuyer Report and a Building survey and more. Alternatively, get in contact with us with any questions you may have!

Home Buyer

This popular mid-price survey is suitable for most residential properties built after 1800, with the option to include a valuation in the colour-coded report.

Building Survey

A report for more unusual buildings, for example: listed, built before 1800, of eccentric construction, or those that have or will have extensive renovations.

Building Insurance
Cost Assessment

This report will determine how much your property would cost to rebuild from scratch, avoiding the risk of being underinsured or paying too much.

Building Defects

A detailed analysis in which our surveyor will diagnose and assess the significance of specific defects in a property you own or are intending to buy.

Peter Robinson, Chartered Surveyor at Robinson Elliott Surveyors


With over 26 years of experience as a Chartered Surveyor in the south east of England, our director, Peter Robinson, has accumulated a vast store of knowledge about local buildings and their possible defects.

RICS Chartered Surveyor in West Sussex