I am delighted to say, that with the help of your clear and unambiguous report, we have managed to negotiate the price of Stonebridge down to £1,175,000 from £1,250,000. Exchange should occur within the next few days.

Thank you so much for bending over backwards to survey the property in such a short timescale.


We received your survey report today and just wanted to say thank you so much for producing another comprehensive report and for getting it to us so quickly.

If you ever need a reference or anything like to promote your work then we would be happy to provide one.

Hopefully this is the last survey we need you to do for us for a while!!!


Exceptionally good service in every way – professional, approachable and efficient. It certainly helped me to decide whether or not to purchase the property. I didn’t buy it but still feel it was money well spent as I could have taken on a potential ‘money pit’ had I not had a proper survey carried out. When I consider the amount of time Peter Robinson spent carrying out the survey, discussing it with me and then producing the report – I’d say it was very good value for money.


Dear Peter,

Thank you so much for ringing to follow up. If you ever need a reference for other clients or your marketing materials, please feel free to reach out to me, I’d be very happy to provide one.

Thanks again and take care.


Hi Peter

I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thanks for the survey you carried out. With your help and a subsequent asbestos survey, we have been able to reduce the purchase price by over £7,500 – allowing us to have all the asbestos safely removed before we move in!

Thank you.

Max & Ruth

I think I called 4 different surveyors (selecting you because I liked your website design initially) and decided to proceed with you for reasons it would be great if you could convey on your website:

  1. I warmed to you far more than anyone else I spoke to. You really took the time to talk about what we wanted to do with the property and how the survey could help, rather than just give me a quote for what technically is a bog standard survey.
  2. Your industry generally feels quite “snobby”. I mean that in the nicest possible way, but you didn’t come across in that way at all.
  3. You also came across as very knowledgeable.

All of these things led to us making the decision and you were the right person for us – and how right we were!!!


Thank you again for your very thorough and helpful report. it will become the backbone of our efforts to maintain the house in the coming months and years, hopefully, if all goes well.


Just to let you know we have completed on Sheridan Place and are moving in at the weekend. Your survey is proving very useful as we commence the repairs and improvements etc. Thanks again for a job well done.


Thank you. It was nice to meet you and have a chat. I like the fact that you give clients verbal feedback following your survey, a nice personal touch and very useful.