Chartered Surveyors’ Services
in Tunbridge Wells

If you’re looking to buy a property in Tunbridge Wells and have found one that’s just right for you, let Robinson Elliott Surveyors carry out a survey for you, so you can proceed with the purchase fully informed about the fabric and structure of your future home. We have worked there extensively and saved our clients money or averted a property disaster for them on numerous occasions.

RICS Chartered Property Surveyors Serving Tunbridge Wells

Only 40 miles from London, Tunbridge Wells is a large town and a much sought-after place to live. According to a report by the Halifax Building Society at the end of 2012, Tunbridge Wells was the third best place to live in the UK. It has been popular since Georgian times when people came to take the health-giving waters – though this is no longer the main reason for choosing it. Kirstie Allsopp, said this about the town on her TV programme, Location, Location, Location, “Boy oh boy, Tunbridge Wells is pretty!”

There are all sorts of properties available in the Tunbridge Wells area, dependent on your needs and your budget. Tunbridge Wells is only 5 miles from Tonbridge, where property is usually cheaper, yet it also has good schools and excellent transport links so it’s a great option as well.

Three types of surveys or valuations

We can advise you on what’s the best choice for your circumstances, not just for the Tunbridge Wells area, but countrywide surveys too—that’s what many years’ experience as chartered surveyors has taught us. Here’s your choice:

Home Buyer Report

Produced in standard format, ideal for homes of conventional construction built from Victorian times onwards. It is a more compact yet user-friendly report which focuses on serious defects requiring urgent attention and other maintenance, besides advising whether the property is a reasonable price for its type, location and condition.

Building Survey Report

A comprehensive inspection, suitable for all properties, but particularly recommended for listed buildings, those built before 1840, any of unusual construction or which have had extensive alterations or renovation is planned in the near future.

Building Defects Report

A survey focusing on a particular issue such as damp, woodworm infestation or structural movement, rather than a comprehensive cover-all survey.

Tunbridge Wells or Tonbridge – Robinson Elliott Surveyors can help with your survey.

A 5 bedroom detached house not far from Tunbridge Wells, on the market for £1.25 million had woodworm, damp and wet rot in the roof timbers. Once this was discovered, my clients were able to negotiate a lower price, saving £35, 000.