Building Surveyors for
Haywards Heath

Haywards Heath is a Mid-Sussex commuter town, centrally-placed for travelling to other places for employment. Many Haywards Heath residents take the train or travel by road to London, Crawley, Gatwick or Brighton on a daily basis.

Providing Surveyor Services to Haywards Heath

As a dormitory town, it’s a chosen place to live because of a more tranquil quality of life. Property prices are lower than, for example, in London, though that has to be balanced against the cost of commuting.

If you’re considering purchasing a property in the Haywards Heath area, then consider, too, instructing Peter Robinson, an experienced chartered surveyor, to assess your property.

So, what is a survey?

A survey is a detailed inspection of your property by a highly-qualified and experienced building surveyor – a HomeBuyer Report though it is still normally 30-35 pages long, is less comprehensive than a Building Survey Report. A Market Valuation isn’t a survey at all, rather, a brief appraisal to determine value, which tells you very little.

Our building surveyor will spend a considerable time at the property you wish to purchase, looking inside and outside, in every room and the roof-space, checking party walls and the gardens. He will then write a report which will be an expert commentary on the building. It will alert you to structural problems like subsidence, walls likely to fall down or wet rot in the roof timbers. It will advise you about repairs needed such as roof replacement or rewiring.

Make the most of our surveying expertise when you buy a house. You won’t regret it.

An old property near Haywards Heath had a badly leaking roof made of the original slate. The valley gutters had been patched with old felt, fibreglass and buckets of tar. It needed a new roof. The purchase price was reduced by £50,000.