Building Surveyors for
Haywards Heath

Haywards Heath property is extremely sought after, not only for commuters, who appreciate the town’s easy links to London, but also for families and young professionals.

The array of good quality state and private schools, well-served public health infrastructure and proximity to the lively seaside city of Brighton & Hove, make Haywards Heath an attractive location to call home.

Considering joining the thriving community in Haywards Heath by buying in this gorgeous, historic town? If so, it goes without saying that engaging the services of a chartered surveyor in Haywards Heath, either for a full building survey or a simple Home Buyers’ Report, is an essential step in ensuring the Haywards Heath property you buy is up to standard.

Robinson Elliott Chartered Surveyors in Haywards Heath has years of experience in the Haywards Heath property market. We have an extensive understanding of the full range of properties in the Haywards Heath area, from new builds to rural period properties and everything in between.

HomeBuyer Reports and Building Surveys in West Sussex

Robinson Elliott Chartered Surveyors perform both building surveys and HomeBuyer reports in Haywards Heath and throughout Sussex, Surrey and areas of Kent.

A HomeBuyer Report is often sufficient for new or recently-built properties, but for the many larger and/or older properties in Sussex, surveyors would usually recommend a full structural survey from a RICS-registered Chartered Surveyor.

A Building Survey report is a much more comprehensive document, going into detail on every aspect of the property, which is vital for establishing any areas requiring work. This enables you, as the buyer, to ascertain the true cost of owning the property and gives you the information you need in order to negotiate on the property price, where necessary.

What kind of property survey do I need?

The type of survey you should undertake for your prospective property depends on the sort of property you are purchasing. As above, new builds and more recently constructed property may simply require a straightforward HomeBuyer Report. However, if you are planning on investing your money on a period property or one where some work is clearly required, a full building survey would be the more conscientious choice.

If a full Building Survey is not necessarily required, but you require a more detailed solution than a HomeBuyer Report, you may consider commissioning a Building Defects Report. Following a property inspection, an in-depth report is prepared which details any specific issues with the property, including a full diagnostic survey and defect appraisal and recommendations for remedy and repair strategies. At Robinson Elliott Surveyors, we are experienced in performing Buildings Defect Reports for residential clients in Haywards Heath and beyond.

What does a Building Surveyor do?

In the creation of a comprehensive structural survey of your Haywards Heath property, our building surveyor will spend a considerable time at the property, examining both the interior and exterior. This includes areas such as roof space, cellars, party walls and property boundaries.

The resultant survey report will comprise an expert commentary on the building and grounds. Structural issues, such as subsidence, rot, infestation or dilapidation, will be detailed, along with suggestions on repairs and maintenance. An experienced Chartered Surveyor with local knowledge of the Haywards Heath property market will also be able to advise and recommend potential third party contractors who are trusted to provide quotes and assistance, where required.

A Haywards Heath Building Survey Case Study

Our Chartered Surveyors recently worked on an old rural property in Haywards Heath which, upon inspection, was ascertained to be suffering from a severe roof leak. The valley gutters had been patched with old felt, fibreglass and buckets of tar. The original slate roof needed to be replaced and a new roof fitting. As a result of this finding in the building survey, the purchase price of the property was reduced by £50,000 to account for the work required.

As this client story demonstrates, the value of a full building survey is not to be underestimated. Underlying problems are rarely detectable to laypersons, whereas a trained and experienced Chartered Surveyor will be able to spot and make expert commentary on such problems.

It may not be apparent that a seemingly-dream property is in a poor state of repair until a building survey is undertaken, at which point the property may seem more like a nightmare and a costly purchase avoided.

Haywards Heath Building Surveys for Property Sellers

For sellers of property in Haywards Heath, for whom it is highly beneficial to engage a local Haywards Heath Chartered Surveyor for a building survey before placing the property on the market. An estate agent’s property valuation is far from extensive and can, in the case of certain properties, be wholly inaccurate – failing to take into account any finer points of note.

As it is likely that a potential buyer will undertake a building survey themselves as part of the purchase process, it is important for you, as the seller, to be cognizant of the state of the property in advance. This can afford you the benefit of being able to put right any issues prior to marketing the property.

Building Surveys for Insurance Purposes

Unfortunately, many people base their property insurance valuation on the market value or mortgage valuation. Unless an accurate property valuation has obtained, the property owner runs the risk of underinsuring their property. To find out more about a building insurance reinstatement cost assessment in Haywards Heath, get in touch with Robinson Elliott Surveyors.

You can also read our extensive guide to avoiding property underinsurance here.

Why Choose Robinson Elliott Surveyors?

As a leading Chartered Surveyor in Haywards Heath, Peter Robinson and his team are highly experienced in all aspects of the Haywards Heath property market. We are also fully qualified and RICS-registered, and boast a very positive reputation as Sussex surveyors who go above and beyond to deliver outstanding surveyance services in Haywards Heath and beyond.

If you would like to find out more about our services, or to simply discuss your requirements, do not hesitate to get in touch. We would be happy to help.