Building Surveyors for
Haywards Heath

Haywards Heath is a small town near the border of East and West Sussex. It's on the London to Brighton main line so it is very convenient for commuting to both cities. There's plenty of shopping and entertainment in nearby Crawley, and Gatwick is close at hand for international travel.

We provide expert Building Surveyor Services in Haywards Heath

Even though it’s so easy to get from Haywards Heath to work places in London and Brighton, it’s a favourite with commuters because life here is more tranquil and easy-going. There is an excellent mix of properties available including a range of quality Victorian and Edwardian properties which date back to the railway’s first arrival here. There are also plenty of more modern homes, as well as older cottages and houses too. Prices are generally lower than in London and many parts of Brighton.

If you’re considering buying a property in the Haywards Heath area, it’s a huge help to have a chartered surveyor with plenty of local knowledge. Get in touch with Peter Robinson, a chartered surveyor with many years’ experience of the Sussex market to find out how he can provide expert surveying services and help with your purchase.

What kind of survey do I need?

A survey by Peter Robinson is a detailed inspection of your property by a highly-qualified and experienced building surveyor. As an RICS qualified surveyor he can provide a HomeBuyer Report. Although it is still normally 30-35 pages long, it is less comprehensive than a Building Survey Report. We strongly recommend the latter when it comes to properties needing a fair amount of work, or for older buildings.

By contrast a Market Valuation, usually from the property sellers’ estate agent, isn’t a survey at all. It is a brief appraisal to determine value, and in reality tells you very little – certainly not enough for you to decide whether or not to proceed with such a large financial transaction as a property purchase.

We provide the information you need for deciding to buy

Our building surveyor will spend a considerable time at the property you wish to purchase, looking inside and outside, in every room and the roof-space, checking party walls and the gardens. He will then write a report which will be an expert commentary on the building. It will alert you to structural problems like subsidence, walls likely to fall down or wet rot in the roof timbers. It will advise you about repairs needed such as roof replacement or rewiring.

Make the most of our surveying expertise when you buy a house. You won’t regret it.

Here’s one example of how our surveyor services in Haywards Heath have helped clients:

An old property near Haywards Heath had a badly leaking roof made of the original slate. The valley gutters had been patched with old felt, fibreglass and buckets of tar. It needed a new roof. The purchase price was reduced by £50,000.