Chartered Surveyors in Reigate & Redhill

Situated in the east of Surrey, 19 miles south of London, Reigate is a pretty and affluent borough ideally located for commuters and families. At the base of the North Downs, Reigate is surrounded by stunning countryside and boasts its own medieval castle in the centre of town. A key town in the borough of Reigate and Banstead is Redhill within the county of Surrey.

Besides the town itself, Reigate is surrounded by picturesque villages and small hamlets. It is also a short distance from the larger town of Redhill. Reigate is also in close proximity to Gatwick Airport, and forms part of the famous ‘Gatwick Diamond’, a hub for large companies which base their offices in the area.

Building Surveys in Reigate & Redhill

At Robinson Elliott Chartered Surveyors, we perform a full range of Surveyance services, including Home Buyer Reports, Building Defects Reports and full Building Surveys in Reigate. We are able to advise you on the best survey for your needs, provide a thorough inspection of the property and deliver a comprehensive report on our findings. 

The report we provide you with following the property inspection is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the survey. For example, a Home Buyer Report is less detailed than a Building Survey report. Different properties require different levels of detail, so it’s important to know which is most relevant to your property.

What kind of property survey do I need?

The type of survey your property requires depends on a number of factors, such as the age of the property, its condition and its size. A modern property usually requires just a Home Buyer Report, but a high value property, one that is rundown, older or particularly extensive, will need a more detailed Building Survey.

Along with Home Buyer Reports and Building Surveys in Reigate, we can also provide a Building Defects Report. When you need something deeper than a Home Buyers Report but less comprehensive than a full Building Survey, a Defects Report may be the preferred option. This would include a full diagnostic survey along with a defect appraisal. The subsequent report also offers recommendations for repair.

Whichever kind of survey you need for your property, Robinson Elliott’s team of Chartered Surveyors in Reigate are here to help.

What do your Reigate & Redhill Chartered Surveyors do?

We will begin by examining the interior and exterior of the property. For a full structural survey, we will also assess the external roof and interior of the loft, as well as any cellars. Property boundaries and party walls will also be examined as part of a full building survey. 

The Building Survey Report will be issued following the property inspection. This report includes an expert commentary, incorporating details on all relevant aspects of the property and its grounds. Any particular areas highlighted as a result of the inspection, such as infestation, rot, subsidence or other dilapidation issues, will be detailed and suggestions for repair and future maintenance included.

Our years of experience and expertise as Chartered Surveyors in Reigate & Redhill have given us an in-depth understanding of the property market in the area. Our experience has also earned us deep knowledge of the best contractors in the Reigate area, so we can confidently recommend the best people for the job if any remedial work is required.

Reigate Building Surveys for Property Sellers

When selling a property in Reigate, you will – of course – be wanting to sell quickly and for the right price. Many sellers, however, still make the mistake of relying on estate agent valuations. This is not advisable, as an estate agent is unable to offer a truly accurate valuation with limited tools and knowledge at their disposal.

Our Chartered Surveyors in Reigate take a deeper look at the specifics of a property, tailoring the service to the client’s needs. Areas which may be flagged by a potential buyer are identified, and guidance on how to remedy these without affecting the sale price is provided.

Building Surveys for Insurance Purposes

While it is undoubtedly important to have an accurate property valuation when you’re planning to buy or sell a property, it is equally important for insurance purposes. An inaccurate property valuation on your insurance documents could leave you liable for a substantial sum in the event that you need to make a claim.

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Why choose Robinson Elliott Chartered Surveyors Reigate & Redhill?

As leading Reigate Chartered Surveyors, Robinson Elliott is highly experienced and qualified in performing expert property surveys in the Reigate & Redhill area. We are RICS-registered and proud of our longstanding reputation as among the preferred Chartered Surveyors in Reigate & Redhill.

If you would like to find out more about our range of services, please do get in touch. We are always here to offer advice and assistance, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.