Building Surveys and HomeBuyer Reports in Reigate

Reigate is a pretty, commuter-belt market town nestling at the base of the North Downs, with a medieval castle. It’s much favoured for ease of access to Gatwick Airport as well as London and the M25.

Why have your Reigate property surveyed?

As a renowned company of building surveyors, we provide HomeBuyer Reports in Reigate and the south-east, best for most residential properties built after 1900, as well as more in-depth Building Survey Reports for less conventional buildings. Our stringent appraisal of your future home will focus on all critical elements that may need urgent attention and we will advise you as necessary.

In this way, you can either budget for future repairs, re-negotiate the price of the property to take into account existing problems – or, as a last resort, decide not to buy it after all. It can be better to make that decision before you find yourself living in a property, in Reigate or anywhere else, that will drain your bank balance and cause you untold stress.

How can I Find a Surveyor in Reigate?

Contact Robinson Elliott, without delay! We, as chartered surveyors, can help you to avoid costly mistakes and allow you to make informed choices when considering a property purchase. Always remember, a mortgage valuation is NOT a survey, a valuation is to advise the lender on the value of the property so that they can determine the amount of the loan they are prepared to offer you.

A house near Reigate had suffered from subsidence in the past, which had not been mentioned to the potential purchaser, my client, until I pointed it out. Although it had been underpinned, a guarantee had to be obtained for the mortgage company – only then was a successful purchase able to go ahead.