Our Chartered Surveyors’ Services

We offer a range of surveying services in Sussex, Surrey, Kent and south London. Here at Robinson Elliott Surveyors we pride ourselves on offering clients the most relevant recommendations for their requirements. Purchasing a property is a big investment, so ensuring that a suitable, thorough report is provided is of utmost importance to ensure that you know the exact condition of what you are buying.

We offer the following services to our clients:

Home Buyer Report

The Home Buyer Report is a popular mid-priced report for properties built after 1800.

Building Survey Report

Suitable for more unusual, listed, older or renovated properties, the Building Survey Report will detail not just visible defects in the property, but may also identify additional hidden flaws.

Building Insurance Cost Assessment

Our Building Insurance Costs Assessment will calculate the rebuilding cost of your property, allowing you to adequately insure it. Whether you’re buying a new home and are looking for the best insurance quote, or have carried out a refurbishment on your property, our assessment will give you the correct figure in order to insure it.

Building Defects Report

If a full survey is not required, but you are concerned about something that might be amiss with your property, our Building Defects Report will help you.

The RICS Guarantee

As a company Regulated by RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), we are required to adhere to professional guidelines, offering our clients reassurance and a highly professional service.