Chartered Surveyors in Eastbourne

Robinson Elliott Surveyors are experts on properties in Eastbourne and East Sussex, especially homes by the sea. Our specialist knowledge includes the way coastal conditions affect the fabric of buildings.

Eastbourne property covers many types of houses, bungalows and apartments ranging from the ultra-modern Sovereign Harbour marina development to the historic Old Town. The town is a much-loved seaside tourist destination with a bustling promenade, pier and beaches. The South Downs Way which begins in Winchester, finishes in Eastbourne with the chalk cliffs of Beachy Head and the Seven Sisters to the west of the town.

Retirement properties in Eastbourne, especially bungalows, have traditionally accounted for a significant amount of the housing stock. After all, the town is a desirable setting for retirement by the sea. Today there is also a good choice of apartments, both purpose built and conversions in large, older houses. A range of family homes can be found in areas such as Meads Village and  The Saffrons, and in nearby Seaford, Birlington, Polegate and Pevensey. As you would expect of a popular seaside town, Eastbourne guest houses also feature strongly in the local property market. 

Home Buyer Reports and Building Surveys in Eastbourne

When you buy an Eastbourne property – indeed any property – you need either a Home Buyer Report or a more detailed Building Survey Report. At Robinson Elliott Chartered Surveyors we complete both types of report to the highest professional standards, allowing purchasers to buy their home with confidence. 

We have extensive local knowledge of the Eastbourne area, so we know the issues that can arise with buildings of all kinds in the area. You’re never far from the sea here, and its effect on property should never be ignored. That’s why, if you’re thinking of buying in Eastbourne, you need a professional firm which knows the area as well as Robinson Elliott Chartered Surveyors.

What kind of property survey do I need?

The answer depends mainly on the type of property you are buying. For example, for a 1960s bungalow, or a newer 3- bed family home, or a purpose built apartment, a Home Buyer Report tends to be sufficient.  If you are considering a larger property (Eastbourne’s Victorian houses include large rambling properties) or older farmhouses in the outlying villages a full Building Survey would be recommended. The same applies to high value or rundown properties – you can find both in the Eastbourne and East Sussex area. 

A further option is a Building Defects Report which provides include a full diagnostic survey and appraisal of specific defects in the property such as roofing, timbers and structural movements. We also provide recommendations for any remedial works necessary, giving purchasers a clear way of negotiating on price. 

Regardless of the type of survey you need, our team of Chartered Surveyors in Eastbourne can advise on the type of survey you should have, and will provide you with the professional report you require.

We provide surveys for East Sussex properties in Seaford, Newhaven and Bexhill-on-Sea

Seaford is a quieter town, though certainly not lacking in amenities. It has more of a family feel than its more upbeat, bigger neighbours, Brighton and Eastbourne. In 2017, it was one of the UK’s top five towns for property price growth and has become a commuter hub with good transport links for people travelling to larger towns along the coast, Lewes or London.

In 2017, Newhaven’s MP, Maria Caulfield, described the port as, ‘the Cinderella when it comes to regeneration,’ with an air of decline. Even so property prices were 7% up on 2016, and the MP predicted a bright future for the place, with huge opportunities for growth. Semi-detached and terraced properties characterise the area.

Bexhill town centre is full of charming Victorian and Edwardian buildings, which is now being regenerated with new arts and culture initiatives centred on the De La Warr pavilion. Like other Sussex seaside towns, it has a good stock of retirement bungalows, and also a growing number of family-friendly developments and modern apartments.

Is there a risk of flooding and coastal erosion in Sussex?

Take care, Sussex is slowly being washed away! A recent study (by Dr. Dylan Rood, Dept. of Earth Science and Engineering, Imperial College, London) has shown that the erosion rate of the East Sussex coast has accelerated to between 22 and 32 cms a year. Rising sea levels and increasingly severe storms are thought to be to blame. 

The coastline at Newhaven, Seaford and Birling Gap is particularly vulnerable, with the Environment Agency forecasting the loss of as much as 20 metres of land by 2025 unless robust defences are put in place. In addition, low-lying coastal properties are assessed as being at ‘significant risk’ of flooding—and flooding with salt water is a serious matter, with potential damage to concrete, brickwork and electrical systems as well as metal corrosion.

At Robinson Elliott, when we carry out our property surveys, we will take these geological and environmental concerns into consideration, as well as the damage that is caused when gales blow corrosive salt-spray and sand inland.

Before undertaking an inspection for your HomeBuyer Report or Building Survey, we carry out a desktop investigation of matters which could affect the property and its occupiers. This includes a review of local planning matters such as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, HM Government’s flood map, Public Health England’s radon map and the British Geological Survey’s data on bedrock and superficial ground conditions.

Here’s one example of how our chartered surveyor services in Eastbourne have helped clients:

During a recent survey of a property on the edge of Eastbourne we alerted our client to the proximity of the flood risk zone, so that she was aware of the possible effect on the future value of the property.